Our goal has always been to push the entertainment envelope by combining state-of-the art gear with professional people that know how to use it – all in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Answering the needs of our clients, Sound Masters expanded its business platform to include video, photography, graphic design, website and social media services.

Located just 2 miles from the famous Las Vegas strip, there’s always something to¬† do after a great session.

Talbot Snow
Producer, Engineer, Musician, Song-Writer, Arranger, Videographer, Photographer, Expert Dish-Washer More >
Victoria Hart
Graphic Designer, Creative Director, Artist, Gallery Director, Expert Toilet Collector More >
Blake Snow
Camera Man, Video Editor, Sound Technician, Lighting / Photographer Assistant, Expert Cheese Tester More >
Nephi Oliva
Musician, Songwriter, Arranger, Promoter, Artist Manager, Expert Bounty Hunter More >
Dane Ngahuka
Producer, Engineer, Musician, Songwriter, Arranger, Expert Spear-Chucker More >