Blake Snow
Camera Man, Video Editor, Sound Technician, ighting / Photographer Assistant, Expert Cheese Tester

Camera-Operator, Video-Editor, Sound Technician, Lighting Assistant, Photographer, Expert Donut Tester.

Blake is a native-born resident of Las Vegas – and has lived here for over 20 years. Before graduating from Valley High School, Blake attended Jr. Air Force ROTC where he was taught: citizenship, community service, and basic air and space fundamentals.

Throughout his high-school years, Blake worked on a wide variety of personal and school-assigned multimedia (video) projects, through a program called ”Team Action VIP.” This in turn - gave him some of the experience and skills needed, to work at Sound Masters of Las Vegas (SMLV).  He has worked at SMLV since 2008.

As an assistant in the many video, photo and audio projects that SMLV encompasses, Blake is an integral & helpful part of the day-to-day operations. His duties include (but are not limited to): transporting, setting up and breaking down equipment for SMLV photo / video shoots and sets, camera work, lighting, sound reinforcement / recording, capturing / logging, and editing videos / photos.

He is also proficient in Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Final Cut Pro.

As an experienced camera-operator for SMLV, Blake also specializes in: video-editing, sound-editing, photo re-touching, data-entry, and basic recording. And, as an experienced video-editor (working in Final Cut Pro), he brings his own original, youthful, creative flare and perspective to the various projects he works on.

Blake is also a certified Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, an avid gamer, a music-listener, macaroni and cheese eater, a loving big brother to his younger sister Raven, and in his own words, “A fun guy to be around!”