Dane Ngahuka
Producer, Engineer, Musician, Songwriter, Arranger, Expert Spear-Chucker

IWI / Tribe: Ngati Ranginui, Ngati Kahungunu

HAPU / Sub Tribe: Ngai Tamarawaho

Originally, a New Zealand native, (from the Tauranga & Hawkesbay areas), Dane immigrated to Canada in the mid 90′s, and then moved to the United States, a few years later. During his time here, he has lived and worked in a variety of different cities across the country.

He is a Grammy-Nominated Musician, Producer and Sound Engineer, having worked with likes of: The Neville Brothers, Robbie Robertson and various other artists associated with Capitol Records.  He has also received the coveted Juno Award.

Having worked in dozens of entertainment companies, band-projects, stage productions and recording studios, Dane has amassed decades of experience in all of these fields.  He brings a strong work ethic, a high level of discipline, professionalism, and an astounding level of tasteful creativity to any project he participates in.

He is a multi-talented Music-Producer, as well as a superb multi-instrumentalist.  He is seasoned guitar-player – and as such - has played in, and recorded with, a wide range of projects from : R&B, rock, metal, pop, to country, folk, and reggae.

Dane has worked on hundreds of different projects, during his time with Sound Masters of Las Vegas – functioning as: Producer, Engineer, Musician and / or whatever has been needed to develop and finish the creative and technical tasks at hand.

With a keen eye for direction and implementation, coupled with strong networking skills, and a love of athletics and Maori culture, Dane has been able to spearhead projects such as: “Maori Inc.” a culturally-centered Public Charity Non Profit 501 (C) 3 Corporation (of which he is Chairman / Founder), as well as “The Las Vegas Maori Rugby Club”, where he functions as both President & Head-Coach; coaching both Men’s and Women’s Rugby teams.

He is also a Master Teacher of Maori Culture, and a member of the Nevada Arts Council.