Blew up another Monday

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 @ 04:11am by victoria

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
- Thomas A. Edison

Blew up another Monday – on to a fantastic Tuesday – FB fam., – prepped for another big week ahead @ Sound Masters * Music * Video * Photography * Graphics * Web (SMLV)/ Sound Masters Of Las Vegas 2 (SMLV) / Sound Masters of Las Vegas 3 / Sound Masters / Soundmasters / Sound Masters of Las Vegas (… we found 6 x SMLV-I.D.’s so far…)

SMLV this week : a) working trax w/ Heidi J., b) mixing it up (Z-D trax) & tracking w/ MC-DC & Chris B., c) shooting @ Zowie Bowie @ The Palms, d) shooting @ Neon Bonyard, e) twirking w/ Kay J., f) tweaking SMLV new-gen website w/ Victoria H. & Blake S. – TS adding new pics & ad-copy, g) starting / developing 2 x new TSTB trax, h) scripting w/ Marianne L.P., i) tracking w/ Amanda M., j) fixed Canon 1-DS (myself), k) converting, transferring, duplicating (hard-drives) SMLV-data (2 TBs), l) researching new gear acquisitions (Canon 5-D III, FCP plug-ins, filters, lenses, Sony UWP-V1 wireless mic-rig, new Macs), m) editing video for ZODIAC-DRAGON, Craig H., Rob S., & Malia C., n) and…

No time for fancy-fakesters, ultra-users, fair-weather-friends… Plenty of time for the real!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012 @ 03:00am by victoria

L to R : Kay J., T.Snow & Sharon @ SMLV 02

TGIM SMLV fam.! Gonna’ be another jam-packed, blue-sky week @ Sound Masters of Las Vegas 3

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. If again you don’t succeed, suck eggs!” – (Grand-Pa) Clifferd Matthews…

SMLV (last few days, & the next few days ahead…) : a) editing / tweaking / re-mixing Malia Katherine Civetz & Michael Lowery‘s “Shoot For The Moon” trax, b) mixing, tracking, tweaking Zodiac-Dragon‘s “Addiction” & “Star 69″ trax w/ Blake Snow, Dat Lyrical Mcdc, Chris Beckman, c) shooting / editing Z-D pics & vids w/ Kay Jackson (salvaged Zulu session), d) laid some exciting new Z-D-S-69 vox w / Julia Jones, e) laying in edgy violin trax w / @ Amanda Marks., f) some more heavy fine-tuning w/ @Victoria Hart, TSTB, Kerry K., Blake S., on SMLV’s (active-beta-launch) new-gen website, g) initiating new trax w / Chappell & Curtis, h) meeting, planning, shooting-pics, starting new trax w/ Sherry / Ashley, i) shooting Victor & Victor @ Peppermill, j) shot / shooting several shoots for LV-BLVDs ( @Polly W., Sandy K. Neon Boneyard, Lou Ruvo ), k) replaced faulty drives w / new & backed-up duplicates / triplicates, l) returned faulty gear to Apple (amazingly / unexpectedly quick, easy hassle-free), m) researching for new, up-coming SMLV gear-acquisitions (new cameras, lenses, lighting & microphones), n) shooting Henry / Tevakanui @ Water St. Henderson Polyfest, o) and several other under-cover projects forth-coming – currently under development (wait, see), p) repairing TS-SMLV Canon 1-Ds & 580 EX II flash-unit, q) acquiring new FCP software filters / plug-ins r) and…

Infinite Unknown

The man who trades (all) freedom for (total) security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. – Benjamin Franklin (Adapted : TSTB)