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    I have worked professionally as a musician and recording artist for the last 8 years. During my recording sessions at Sound Masters, Talbot Snow went above and beyond to make my experience excellent, and also provide me with a product of superior quality. He even put in extra hours that I hadn’t paid for, because he stands behind his work and will only be satisfied when the song is sounding top-notch.

    Not only was Talbot Snow one of the best producers I have worked with, he was also honest and fair in all his dealings with me. I found his studio to be one of the most thought out and well put together studios that I had the pleasure of working in. All the gear was clean and in great working order, there were no short-cuts taken, he has obviously invested in both the time and money it takes to have a professional recording studio.

    I would recommend Sound Masters of Las Vegas to any artist who wants their recorded music to be on par with the industry professionals. The dedication Talbot gives clients is not only seen in the high quality gear he has built his studio with, but in every session. Where he continually produces and records a product that is nothing short of the best. Even when it costs him the hard earned profits to do so.

    Sincerely, Chris Beckman

    Chris Beckman - facebook.com/chris.beckman1

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    I have worked in the entertainment field for over 40 years as a singer, entertainer, songwriter, recording artist, voice over artist and music producer. I have recorded 70 songs and produced 6 CD’s and 7 music videos.

    In 2006, “Take This Heart”, my 6th CD, was produced at Sound Masters with Talbot Snow as the engineer. I was impressed with the quality of his work and his ability to understand and produce what I wanted. He was very accommodating with both my time and my ideas. I felt very included in the process which can be hard to find in some recording studious or the music industry in general. I also felt his prices were very reasonable, and that I was getting huge value for my money.

    Because of my experience, I produced 7 music video projects in the last 5 years with Talbot Snow and I am currently producing a multimedia DVD which will include a new 7th CD, my music catalog and all videos. Talbot Snow is a multifaceted artist in his own right and is capable of working in any music genre from classical to hip hop and rap. I find him ethical, fair and considerate with his clients. He has consistently exceeded my expectations.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to call me

    Laini Risto  - (702) 308-8464

    Laini Risto - lainiristo.com

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    “Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the ultra awesome work you are doing on my music project. I know it might seem a little bizarre of a project, but I am enjoying working with you on it. I know a lot of musicians and so called producers in the business, but you far surpass all those that I know. ”

    Craig L. Hayes - Head Carpenter, Head Sound & Crew Chief, The Las Vegas Hilton

    Craig L. Hayes - craiglhayes.com

  • billy5

    Mr. Snow! You are so talented and experienced in all areas. Engineering / Production / Editing / Video/ Photography / Websites / Social Media. Any one given the opportunity to work with this man (T. Snow of Sound Masters of Las Vegas) should be honored and respectful of his conditions. He is one of the very few who is so very talented, and is honest, and has integrity in this business. I highly recommend Talbot Snow and Sound Masters of Las Vegas. You get what u pay for.  Pay for it to be done right the first time.

    Billy J Hewitt

    Billy 5 Star – aka: Billy J. Hewitt - facebook.com/Billy5star



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