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Complete Custom Song Production

Music-Composition / Song-Writing

Arrangement / Orchestration

Detailed Digital Editing / Sweetening

Multi-Band Compression & EQ

128 Channel / Stem Capability

Total Recall Mix-Down



Mastering / Finalizing

Replication / Duplication

Audio Enhancement / Sweetening

Noise Elimination

Audio Forensics 

Sound Masters is committed to making your next recording project a great experience!

Since beginning in Las Vegas in 1986, Sound Masters has provided top quality Recording Services for both Local and National Artists and Businesses.  We have maintained the highest standards - in providing a full-service, Professional Facility for Audio-Production - including :  Composition, Arranging / Orchestration as well as Sequencing / MIDI, Mixing / Mastering, and access to the finest Professional Talent in the state.

The well-equipped Studios offer high-level Pro-Gear as part of our day-to-day operations. Equipment includes : Yamaha DM-2000, a fully-automated, DIGITAL / ANALOG Recording-Console, which is well suited for both music and video soundtrack applications; a ProTools HD 5 DAW with tons of plug-ins; a slew of hi-end Preamps, Compressors, Processors, Effects-Units, Keyboards, and more microphones than you can throw a stick at.

Sound Masters can accommodate all of your recording and mastering needs, from small demo projects to full-length CDs / Albums, and from simple Voice-Overs to Soundtrack-Composition, and Recording /Sound-Design for Film / Video. Call Sound Masters for more information; a consultation, or to make an appointment to tour our facility.

Jason in mic-booth - 3
Jason w Talbot - 1
Chritter aka Chris in Studio - 3a
Talbot w KDR aka Kenny in Studio - 3a
Talbot w Chritter aka Chris in Studio - 1a
Talbot w Fabbian & Echo - 1
Talbot w Fabbian & Echo - 1
DJ Snowman-LV & Billy Jack
Billy Jack Hewitt
TS w Big Will & Perv
Stacy G w TS
D-Love Stacks w TS
Chris & Fab @ SMLV 02
Polly @ SMLV 02
TS w David Longoria
ts clients mic
Billie w TS - SMLV 02
Recording VIOLIN
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